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Social Media Growth & Management

Social media platforms provide an amazingly efficient way to find your target customers.

As a social media management company focused and knowledge in the trucking industry, We manage businesses social media network pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in and Instagram on your behalf allowing you to focus on your product or service. While we ensure your business online social presence is strong. We use relevant social media marketing techniques to help the business grow and meet goals. 


Our SM Growth & Management Steps:

  • #1: Social Media Consulting/ Development

  • #2: Properly Structure Social Accounts

  • #3: Content/ Article Creation

  • #4: Social Listening & Engagement

  • #5: Analysis Reporting



  • #1: Review current social media accounts 

    • We will notate where improvements can be made. Review which media channels best fit your company’s marketing Goals. Ensure we are reaching our ideal audience via these channels.

  • #2: Properly set up social media accounts. 

    • It is very important to structure your accounts in a way that they can be discovered. We will be making sure all company information is filled in. Proper address, Web site address, Business hours, Phone numbers, Logos, links, videos, new events, new company news etc. The more up to date information about the company the better. 

  • #3: Content/ Article Creation

    • We make sure continuous content is being pushed out daily. Content posted should engage with the audience and provide value and encouraging interaction. ​

  • #4: Social Listening & Engagement

    • Social listening is the process of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and industry online. Not only is it important to be a good listener but to Engage too. We'll take part in conversations and engage on your behalf with the online community, creating buzz and credibility.

  • #5: Analysis Reporting

    • We will track and report progress made on media channels.  We can easily show you the improvement your company is making in its marketing. We can give you information such as new followers, number of likes, shares, video views, page views and more. We later take this information and steer your business toward all the HYPE! 

Start Establishing Online Presence For Your Business

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